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file manager : openbsd - reddit Im running a fairly secure linux workstation. I was wondering if it would be practical to use a raspberry pi3 running OpenBSD w/ a usb wifi adapter as a firewall and/or bridge for extra protection. Does anyone do this or would this be a waste of time? Honeypots: RE: Openbsd Bridge Firewall From: "Lee Sheng" To: honeypots securityfocus com Subject: Openbsd Bridge Firewall Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 19:43:29 +0800 Hi, Anyone know good links or guides/tutorials about openbsd bridge firewall, i don't mean the guides by openbsd website but other

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OpenBSD: How To Create a Transparent Bridge | Tutorials A network bridge is a device which connects two parts of a network together. In this article I'll show you how to create a transparent bridge in OpenBSD.. To activate the bridge in OpenBSD run the following commands: echo up > /etc/hostname.xl0 echo up > /etc/hostname.xl1 echo add xl0 add xl1 up > /etc/bridgename.bridge0 Bridging - eCos If the bridge has no knowledge about where the destination is to be found, the bridge will forward the frame to all attached segments. If the destination is known to be on a different segment from its origin, the bridge will forward the packet only to the destination segment. OpenBSD networking facilities: Up: OpenBSD