3. Select Uninstall and follow the prompts. 4. When this process completes the controller should be uninstalled. macOS. Back to Top. 1. Delete the UniFi app from the Applications section. 2. Delete the folder: ~/Library/Application Support/UniFi/ You can get to this folder by several paths: Option 1: Click option+Go in Finder's top menu bar to

2019-8-31 · Uninstalling Packages using the Ubuntu Software Center # If the command-line is not your thing, you can uninstall applications through the Ubuntu Software Center (USC). This utility provides a graphical interface to find, install, and uninstall apps. In the Activities screen, search for “Ubuntu Software” and click on the orange USC icon. Ubuntu命令卸载软件_象牙塔下的渣渣-CSDN博 … 2018-7-1 · 1.打开一个终端,输入dpkg --list ,按下Enter键,终端输出以下内容,显示的是你电脑上安装的所有软件。 2.在终端中找到你需要卸载的软件的名称,列表是按照首字母排序的。 3.在终端上输入命令sudo apt-get --purge remove 包名(--purge是可选项,写 Install App Grid in Ubuntu (Ubuntu Software Center Install App Grid in Ubuntu (Alternative to Ubuntu Software Center) This post explains how to install App Grid in Ubuntu. App Grid is an alternative to Ubuntu Software Center. App Grid is a lightweight and stylish alternative to Ubuntu Software Center which shows free and paid apps in a grid view. There are two methods to install App Grid on Ubuntu.

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首页 下载APP Install dlib on Ubuntu 庞贝船长 关注 赞赏支持 Install dlib on Ubuntu 有言在先: 不要用 pip, conda 来装 dlib. 切记! 切记! 如之前安装失败: 请卸载 pip uninstall dlib 编译安装: 1 安装预备包: sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev cmake sudo apt Install Appspace App on Linux Ubuntu - How-To

2020-7-16 · Come Installare e Disinstallare un'App Usando la Finestra Terminale di Ubuntu. Se stai muovendo i primi passi nell'utilizzare il sistema operativo Ubuntu e vuoi sapere come si installa o si disinstallano i programmi, allora dovresti

How to Uninstall (or Reinstall) Windows 10’s Ubuntu Bash Shell 2020-5-11 · Windows 10’s new Ubuntu-based Bash shell doesn’t function like a normal program. To uninstall it or reset its state to get a fresh Linux environment, you’ll need to use a few special commands. Update: As of the Fall Creators Update, you can now uninstall Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution like a normal application. For example, to How To Uninstall Software On Ubuntu – Linux Hint Alongside the graphical method, you can also install and uninstall the app from your Ubuntu using the terminal. Some users may find it easy to uninstall apps from the terminal rather than Ubuntu Software; it all depends on the user. To uninstall the apps from the terminal, open the Ubuntu terminal by pressing the Windows key and typing terminal How to Install and Uninstall Apps on Ubuntu | MashTips