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SSL definition: abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer: a type of computer technology that protects someone's…. Learn more. In SSL, the word socket refers to the mechanism of transferring data between a client and server over a network. When using SSL for secure Internet transactions, a Web server needs an SSL certificate to establish a secure SSL connection. SSL: Specified Short-Term Load (voltage) SSL: Standard Service Link: SSL: Symbionics Systems Ltd. (Canada) SSL: Synchronous Serial Line Interface (Digital Television) SSL: Solid Statement Library: SSL: Seiko Sports Life Co., Ltd. (Japan) SSL: Single Site/Station Locating: SSL: Scanner Serial Links: SSL: Subject Screening Log: SSL: Sum-Of Sep 28, 2015 · This update enables SSL 3.0 fallback warnings to be displayed when a connection in Internet Explorer insecurely falls back from TLS 1.0 or a later version to SSL 3.0 or an earlier version. This is to prevent a Man-in-the-Middle attack. By default, this behavior is disabled. However, you can enable this behavior by using one of the following Nov 02, 2017 · The original SSL protocol was developed by Netscape back in 1995 and released to the public as SSL 2.0. Since that time, updates have been made to ensure stronger, more secure encryption. In 1999, TLS 1.0 was released as an update to SSL 3.0. Since then, TLS has been the primary technology used to secure data over internet connections and SSL. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 65 definitions). Note: We have 250 other definitions for SSL in our Acronym Attic. new search; suggest new definition

SSL definition: A security protocol developed by Netscape Communications Corporation, SSL includes authentication and negotiates point-to-point security between client and server, including type of encryption scheme and exchange of encryption keys.

SSL meaning: abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer: a type of computer technology that protects someone's…. Learn more.

The SSL/TLS protocol encrypts internet traffic of all types, making secure internet communication (and therefore internet commerce) possible. Here are the basics of how it works and what comes next.

Oct 15, 2018 Certificate Definition Home: Internet Terms: Certificate Definition Certificate An SSL certificate, or secure certificate, is a file installed on a secure Web server that identifies a website. What is TLS? Webopedia Definition