Destination unreachable. Destination unreachable is generated by the host or its inbound gateway to inform the client that the destination is unreachable for some reason. Reasons for this message may include: the physical connection to the host does not exist (distance is infinite); the indicated protocol or port is not active; the data must be

ping gateway from both computers ping then try to ping comp1 to compt2 and comp2 to comp1 then post results of arp -a from BOTH boxes. Edit. Interesting, something is blocking traffic. run sudo tcpdump -ni wlan0 arp in one window on both computers and then try pinging each other and the gateway from another window on both again and post results cisco - Telnet - "Destination unreachable" response The Destination Unreachable message is an ICMP Type 3 message. ICMP can also further divide the different types into various "codes". The Port Unreachable message is an ICMP Type 3 Code 3 Message. This response is the idealistic, "early days of the Internet" suggest response. Back when the Internet was a trustworthy place, this was very helpful. Solved: FTP Get: ICMP Port unreachable - Hewlett Packard Re: FTP Get: ICMP Port unreachable So the question is one of using the ftp client on Microsoft Windows Vista to perform an ftp get from a server box running the OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1 software, and the ftp client on Windows Vista is tossing ICMP errors? Destination Host Unreachable - OpenVPN Support Forum Sep 28, 2015

Ping from the host is OK though. I try to gain some hints by capturing packets on the VirualBox-Host-Only-Network adapter with wireshark. And I see some ICMP packets sent from to which tell me "Destination unreachable …

ICMP destination unreachable to DNS server? - posted in General Technical Questions: In the process of tuning our firewall configuration Ive noticed our Barracuda is sending ICMP destination unreachable messages (type 3, code 3) to the DNS servers that its configured for. Why would it do this?I could understand if it was sending these messages to a host that it was trying to relay for, but we Destination Unreachable. A router or a destination host sends an ICMPv6 Destination Unreachable message when the packet cannot be forwarded to the destination node or upper-layer protocol. In the Destination Unreachable message, the Type field is set to 1 and the Code field is set to a value in the range of 0 through 6. Jun 28, 2012 · The response "Reply from Destination host unreachable." actually is the correct one. When pinging a host on your own subnet the sender will first send an ARP request for the MAC address of the associated IP address.

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