Jul 20, 2019

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A personal hotspot turns the iPhone into a WiFi router that allows users to connect WiFi devices to the Internet through the iPhone. This includes notebooks, tablets, portable game consoles and more. Be careful as tethering, as this is often called, can use data much faster than on the iPhone.

How to Enable a Disabled iPhone without a Computer It will erase your iPhone and will get your device back to normal. So now let's get started to learn how to enable a disabled iPhone without a computer and using Find My iPhone instead. Step-by-Step Tutorial: Firstly, install the 'Find My iPhone' app from App Store and open it to begin enabling your disabled device. Windows 10 Laptop Won't Connect to iPhone Hotspot? Here

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Connect an iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC computer over Connect an iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC computer over Wi-Fi With Wi-Fi Sync enabled, you can wirelessly connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your computer. Both iTunes and iMazing support connecting via Wi-Fi, with iMazing generally offers more control over data transfers. How to survive with an iPhone and a Windows computer - CNET Just because you use Windows that doesn't mean you can't use iCloud. Sarah Tew/CNET Using an iPhone or iPad ($260 at Back Market) with a Windows PC as your main computer …