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spam - PyPI · The Python Package Index 24 rows Monty Python: Spam Spam. Scene: A cafe. One table is occupied by a group of Vikings with horned helmets on. A man and his wife enter. Man (Eric Idle): You sit here, dear.. Wife (Graham Chapman in drag): All right.. Man (to Waitress): Morning!. Waitress (Terry Jones, in drag as a bit of a rat-bag): Morning!. Man: Well, what've you got? Waitress: Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam Why Do We Call Junk Email 'Spam" Again? Here's Why Monty Python's Spamalot musical Purdue University Spam, spam, spam. It’s almost impossible to avoid. The average daily volume of email spam in the last month was 250 billion messages, according How to Make a Discord Bot in Python – Real Python

How to Make a Discord Bot in Python – Real Python

"Spam" is the twenty-fifth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Sketches The Black Eagle, Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook, Court, World Forum - Communist Quiz, Ypres 1914, Art Gallery Strikes, Royal Hospital for Over-Acting, Gumby Flower Arranging, Spam How To Build an Effective Email Spam Classification model Jul 20, 2020 I created a Spam Bot as my first Python project! Give me

You can't have egg, bacon, spam and sausage without the spam. Wife: I don't like spam! Customer: Shush dear, don't have a fuss. I'll have your spam. I love it, I'm having spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam, and spam! (Choir: Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!) Waitress: Shut Up! Baked beans

Jan 25, 2008 Monty Python – Spam Song Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Spam Song Lyrics: Customer: / Morning / Waitress: / Morning / Customer: / What have you got? / Waitress: / Well, there's egg and bacon / Egg sausage and bacon / Egg and spam / Egg, bacon and spam Beginner Python - Stack Overflow Your problem is that you're trying to run your code from within the Python interpreter itself (the >>> prompt is the giveaway here since that's the Python prompt).. Exit from the interpreter (with CTRL-Z and ENTER for Windows) and run it from cmd.exe (the c:\> is the prompt in the example below):. c:\> python spam…