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The RPC endpoint for public folder database access remains on the Mailbox server, however, Outlook clients now communicate directly with the RPC Client Access service on the Mailbox Server for public folder database access, and not with the Information Store. Background Your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed Jun 19, 2019 How does MAPI / HTTP really compare with RPC / HTTP in MAPI/HTTP versus RPC/HTTP with Outlook 2013 on Windows 7 machines. As with the previous tests, we have one Robot User using MAPI/ HTTP (Grey statistics) and the second one running RPC/ HTTP (Green statistics). On the performance side, we saw surprisingly contrasting sets of results. The time taken for connections and other actions varied a lot. In-depth Understanding of Outlook Anywhere in Your All the other internal (inside the network) users used RPC/MAPI/MAPI over HTTP for connections based on the version of Exchange and Outlook client. This was until Exchange 2010, but in Exchange 2013, Microsoft made a major change to this protocol and made all the outlook to connect using Outlook Anywhere (Both Internal and External).

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Mar 03, 2020 How To Enable RPC over Http in Outlook 2016 - Official This is a replacement from the RPC over HTTP which was primarily designed on the hypothesis that primary users will access Outlook from certain computers and with good network speed. The famous status “connecting to outlook” is an example of the protocol and thanks to the MAPI over HTTP technology there is almost 70% decrease in